Haley Tippmann is an illustrator from Rochester, NY currently living in Germany. She has worked with clients such as Architetkur & Wohnen Magazine, Brigitte Magazine, Annabelle, and The New York Times.

Represented by 2 Agenten (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria) 

Instagram: @haleytippmann


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Please fill out the form above or send an email to (English or German language is welcome :)

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Yes. I take commissions based on the project, for work in my unique illustration style, as shown on my website here.

Please email me if you have any questions about my process.

Can you help me illustrate my book?

Yes. Art direction/ creative direction must be discussed in advance to the start of the project if required. 

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Twitter: @haleytippmann

Instagram: @haleytippmann

Medium: Haley E. Tippmann


2 Agenten (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria)